Bi Dating: The Difference between Dating Men and Women

Bi Dating: The Difference between Dating Men and Women

What bisexual women say:

A bisexual woman here - Women tend to be more responsive to the subtleties in your body language during sex. And you need to figure out your own relationship role when you are with women. It was really weird when I dated a man after dating a girl, because he assumed I would want to fill traditional roles. After ignoring those roles completely with my girlfriend, it was weird.

31, from NYC - The men I’ve been with think it’s awesome sexy to have a threesome sex. Every fucking time. Like no, bisexual doesn’t automatically mean consenting to threesomes. I don’t want looking for a threesome and have any threesome sex. No women I have dated with asked for threesomes.

- Believe me; men are much better at giving blowjobs.

28, from UK - Wearing makeup for my boyfriend means highlighting my best features to look hot. But for my girlfriend, it means trying new things, because she'll notice the more subtle things and appreciate the wilder stuff.

- As a female bisexual, it's much easier to find men to date than women. I haven’t dated with any bisexual personals till now, but with straight men and lesbians. Being a bisexual woman is more or less a plus when you are with a straight man. But when I am with lesbians, being bi is a pretty big minus.

What bisexual men say:

- I'm a bi guy. I've dated both men and women before I've realized that I'm just overall much happier with women. I can't connect with guys on an emotional or sexual level like I can with women. Guys give much, much better blowjobs. Girls are much, much better kissers.

38, from Los Angles - Guys that I've been with have been more vocal about experimenting in bed, like trying new things or positions. Women are interested in experimenting as well, while they tend to let me initiate the conversation. It’s the same when we are having sex. The women I've been with have largely let me take the lead until they are more comfortable with me. Guys tend to get to the point sooner.

- Men are harder than women. No seriously. Women tend to be soft and squishy. Plus, men tend to give less.

25, from Australia - I’m a guy, and so far all I’ve done is a few dates with guys, and a lot more with girls…girls seem to care more about me being bisexual than guys do. Guys treat me just the same, but when I am with girls, I feel myself more attractive.