For bi girls: How to get another girl into bed?

bi girls: how to get another girl into bed

If you have found another bisexual woman that you like at bi dating sites, message her. If you want to go further for bisexual sex, go ahead to make the first move. What is the worst that can happen? Here are 5 bisexual dating tips for you to get her into bed.

Be brave and initiative!

There are hundreds of reasons why she hasn’t made any kind of move to get you into bed: It’s online bisexual dating and should move slower; Or she is too shy, thinking too much, trying not to give you the bad impression of being horny, respecting you, etc. You won’t know how she feels until you let things play out or make a move on her.


Making the conversation lighthearted and easygoing is a great way to win over a lady. You don’t need to be a professional comedian or anything, just make the conversation interesting. Be ready for any reservations she might have and build that deeper personality attraction.


It is a common sense that woman to woman sex also needs flirting. You may ask how. I know there are still many women seldom does flirting when they were with men. Believe me. Just try to give what you have previously received. The good news is that although tips and tricks are handy, sex is still largely intuitive including bi sex. You might find you surprise yourself...

Move on when being rejected

As it is in a straight relationship, there is a risk of being rejected, and no easy way to deal with being knocked back. The best way to deal with the unlucky is forgetting about it and moving on. Trust me, with so many bisexual women online for dating, meeting and dating another girl is easy at bi dating sites. Happy bisexual dating and bi sex!