America’s Top Ten States For Bisexual Dating

top 10 cities to start biseuxal dating in the United States

If you happen to be bisexual, you will agree that being bisexual and single isn't easy. And to find someone who can understand you is harder. You carry the weight of all the world's attractive people on your shoulders. That makes bisexual dating really tough, for both in reality and online bi dating sites. And online bisexual dating sites is the main way for bisexual singles to find their matches. Below is the result of a non-official survey for the top ten states of United States to start bisexual dating.

1. New York: 680
2. California: 550
3. Florida: 406
4. Virginia: 351
5. Illinois: 339
6. Michigan: 320
7. Ohio: 310
8. Texas: 293
9. Pennsylvania: 278
10. North Carolina: 222

As we can say, New York is the top selection to start bisexual dating. Then it was followed by California and Florida. Other cities that are in the top 10 list, including Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. If you are living in the states mentioned above, congratulations! The chances for you to meet bisexual women is higher than any other states out of the list. For bisexuals, it will be easy for you to find a perfect match when you are in these states.

For people who are not living in any states listed above, this is not saying you are done with bisexual dating. You can make a plan to a visit to one of the most popular states for bisexual hookups. Or there is another simple way – looking through bi dating sites and apps. The kind of sites or apps is targeting to connecting bisexual individuals and couples together.