We Are not only Bisexual for Having More Sex

We Are not only Bisexual for Having More Sex

What makes bi dating so hard? Because people have so many misunderstanding towards bisexual people. To them, Bisexual is not real. It means “greedy and freaky” "kinky and into threesomes”. All of those straight and gay couples want you to help them spice up their boring relationship. But being bisexual is not for having more sex.

First of all, your sexual orientation is nothing you choose. You can’t control your heart and feelings to other people. Men and women who love both genders fall within the rainbow umbrella. But you cannot simply turn your bisexuality to having more potential sex partners.

It’s really innocent for bisexuals to be blamed being bi only for more sex. The fact is that it is so hard for bisexuals to find love in real life. That’s why bisexuals need to find love though online bi dating sites. To many of them, their straight friends have more sex with many different kinds with multiple partners. There is absolute, positively zero connection between sexual orientation and the amount of sex you have.

The only way that you would actually get more sex out of stating that you’re bisexual is by actually to enjoy sex with people of both genders. Otherwise, regardless of the individuals, you have had sex, you’d preferentially pick partners of the gender that you’re able to enjoy sex with.

And if you do enjoy having sex with both genders, then you are absolutely bisexual, not being bisexual and then to have more chance for sex. But this does not mean being bisexual actually getting more sex.

Bi dating is hard. A lot of people see bisexuals as people who simply can’t decide what team they’re on, or automatically assign them as one or the other, including gay and lesbian communities. Many bisexuals even don’t have real sex with the same gender before they using any bi dating sites.

Speaking to the chance of getting more sex, shouldn’t it be straight people? They can meet partners everywhere, the neighbors, work places, so many online dating sites. But how does the chance for bisexual people to meet someone among their neighbors and work places? That’s why bi dating sites are created and designed to solve bisexuals’ needs.